BSG Team Ventures successfully completes Chief Learning Officer search for Human Capital Institute (HCI)



We are delighted to announce our placement of Courtney Vital as the Chief Learning Officer at Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management.

Courtney Vital is Chief Learning Officer for the Human Capital Institute (HCI). In this role she leads the growing function that provides professional development, certification, and training to HCI’s individual and corporate members around the world. Courtney’s team oversees all aspects of educational strategy, program development, instructional design, delivery platforms, faculty management, and operational execution. Developing engaging and impactful learning experiences through a blend of modalities is Courtney’s passion. Prior to joining HCI, she spent 10+ years at the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD). Courtney had the opportunity to lead and grow ATD Education into a global training operation that has developed more than 80,000 learners to date. Having spent her entire career in professional education and training, Courtney is proud to hold the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance© (CPLP) credential. Courtney earned a B.A in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Masters in Adult Education candidate from Pennsylvania State University.

About Human Capital Institute (HCI)

HCI is the global association for strategic talent management and new economy leadership, and a clearinghouse for best practices and new ideas. Their network of expert practitioners, Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 corporations, government agencies, global consultants and business schools contribute a stream of constantly evolving information, the best of which is organized, analyzed and shared with members through HCI communities, research, education and events. For more information, please visit

About BSG Team Ventures Education Practice

For almost two decades BSG Team Ventures has been an active participant in the growth of the Education industry, with a track record that includes more than 250 senior-level searches for companies big and small, public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit, at the VP level and above. Many of these have been with private equity partners.

Its industry expertise comprises the full spectrum of education markets–K-12, postsecondary, corporate, and consumer–and products and services that include distance learning, SES and EMO, administrative and curricular technology solutions, assessment, teacher professional development, for-profit college education, and corporate training. Clients have gone public, merged, been acquired, raised and invested capital, grown through acquisition, and, with most, thrived under strong leadership.

BSG’s commitment to the industry also goes beyond executive search. As sponsor and panelist for such industry events as the GSV Summit, Capital Roundtable’s Private Equity Investing in For-Profit Education Companies; APSCU’s Education Industry Finance and Investment Institute and Senior Executive Management Seminar; and the SIIA Ed Tech Industry Summit, BSG has remained persistent in its belief that competence as a service provider begins with knowledge of an industry’s people, companies, niches, and trends.

Executive Search | Chief Technology Officer (CTO)| OnCourse Learning


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


OnCourse Learning Launches New Commercial and Consumer Lending Skills Courses, Credit Skills Diagnostic Assessments
OnCourse Learning Debuts Six New Real Estate Courses in Print
OnCourse Learning Announces Acquisition of Leading EMS Education Provider

Reporting directly to the CEO, the CTO will define and drive all technical aspects of the company while overseeing the design, development, delivery and management of OnCourse’s learning services and solutions. The CTO is actively engaged in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive strategic plan with goals and objectives that support and advance the company’s strategic plan. The CTO will work in a consultative fashion with other department heads, such as marketing, production and operations as an advisor of technologies that may improve their efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining customer service  with the highest regard.

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Executive Search | Vice President Business Development| Burning Glass





Vice President Business Development

REPORTS TO:             CEO
WEBSITE:                    HTTP://BURNING-GLASS.COM/



Marketplace: Kids start honing their cybersecurity skills early

CNBC: The Skills Employers Are Looking For

How to Beat the Bots

The US needs a job market that can afford to take chances on unconventional hires

The Best Person for the Job? Think Again

The Key to a Good-Paying Job Is…Microsoft Excel?

The college degree has become the new high school degree

Are we producing more grads than jobs?

The Vice President of Business Development will extend Burning Glass’s reach with key strategic partnerships. This includes but is not limited to learning management systems and other education infrastructure companies, online training providers and MOOC’s, certification bodies and industry associations, publishers and content companies, online program management firms, and others who see job mapping at the nexus of learning and workforce readiness. As a member of Burning Glass’s senior leadership team, the Vice President will be a key participant in the company’s strategic planning process. This is an opportunity for an innovative and collaborative leader who is results oriented, committed to building high potential channel and partnership relationships, and who possesses strong communication skills.

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Chaos & Disruption in the Consumer Sector – And a Path Forward by Susan Hawkins


This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

Some Takeaways from a recent ACG Boston Industry Spotlight Series

The Crisis in the Retail Landscape Continues…

According to the keynote speaker Paul Raffin, CEO and Founder of The Merchant Matrix, “The Rush to the Bottom” with cheap goods and outmoded sourcing solutions has eroded the value proposition of traditional retailers.  The retail sector has lost its ability to create theatre, strengthen connections and build on shared experiences. Even stellar luxury retail brands are hurting as customers (particularly millennials) are resisting the lure of branded status offerings.

The result? “A death spiral” as retailers watch disruptors such as Amazon ($100 billion in sales) grow exponentially. We can expect more store closings and an overall scale back of retail space in the US. Malls will be repurposed as entertainment centers with a growing focus on food and recreation.

There is a way out…

However there are alternatives to this decline. Raffin cited the innovation of subscription models such as Rent the Runway that focus on short-term rentals of party dresses and accessories and Whole Foods entering new more price sensitive markets with its 365 brand. Renting vs. owning is growing as a concept particularly with Generation Z and the millennials who are now the largest generation in the country. He called out the success of Pirch, the home goods store based on the twin concepts  of “joy” and “embrace the awesome” replete with showrooms that reflect the “test drive” experience including working showers.

The food industry, including restaurants, is thriving…. More…

What Is a VP of Business Development, Really? by Todd Hand

Woman's hand is drawing a business flowchart on the glass screen. A concept of starting your own business. Brainstorm.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

If you were to ask five different CEO’s what they each looked for as an ideal candidate for VP of Business Development, you would likely receive five different answers. And, some of those answers might even be a little vague. Why? Because the role of VP of Biz Dev is one of the most varied and misunderstood job. Qualifications and experience for all VP of Biz Dev positions are driven primarily by the type of company the role works for, and where that organization is in its lifecycle.

To help explain Biz Dev, let’s first start with what it isn’t; it is not sales, it is not marketing, and, it is not product management. However, the role can, and often does, include functions of each of those responsibilities, as well as others, such as finance and M&A. The full list of responsibilities and job expectations for a VP of Biz Dev depends on several important factors about the company looking to fill this role.

As an executive recruiter for over 20 years, CEOs often ask to brainstorm before launching a search. I strongly encourage these types of discussions. The reason these early conversations are necessary is that they help my clients and me formalize a solid list of desired candidate experience. These conversations are also the right time to address current market conditions and begin to outline talent compensation packages.


Top Takeaways – ACG INTERGROWTH New Orleans

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAc9AAAAJDQ5MmE1NzQ1LWYzMzYtNDg2ZS1iYmYxLTM0NWZhYTNkYmZmMQThis article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

Top Takeaways – ACG INTERGROWTH May 2-4, 2016 New Orleans by Susan Hawkins

One of the top events in the PE Calendar, over 1500 attendees ….here are my top takeaways:


A number of panelists noted that the competition to close deals is intense and that larger funds have recently entered the market for smaller companies, a new development. The challenge for investors is that while deal flow appears on par, quality is down. According to one of the speakers only 40% of deals signed up by Investment Banks are getting done. Concerns were expressed over debt markets tightening up and the increased impact of regulations on business.


A number of panelists stressed the importance of understanding the importance of an entrepreneur’s values and hopes in making a bid for his/her company. It is imperative for deal teams to respect the efforts that went in to creating a viable business and to understand legacy issues critical to the seller.


There was a consensus that the “frothy “ levels reported last year were slowly eroding, not only in energy and tech but across the board.


While the US is outperforming Europe and other markets, growth rates are at a historic low there was little expectation that they would change.


 One the eve of the Indiana primary one of most of the prescient panels addressed the US Presidential Primary campaigns. In an engagingly candid and civil discourse, both David Axelrod (Democratic strategist) and Ana Navarro (Republican commentator) acknowledged that they had not able to predict the impact that outsiders would have on the primary races. Their counsel? Stay tuned, it’s going to be an interesting year.

That’s Someone I’d Want to Work With

Blog #10 Maccari-CiceroThis article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

Last month I was able to attend the ASU GSV Summit. While I was there, I had dozens of meetings and was able to attend a few sessions and the closing dinner. The overall Summit was productive, informative, and a great way for me to keep abreast of innovations in education and meet or see leaders of all types present their visions, organizations, and product and services.

Though I do know a lot about the education space, and I have and am currently working with many private equity firms investing in education companies, and directly with leaders within education companies and institutions, my core strengths are with recruiting and executive search. So, when I attended the closing dinner, I couldn’t help but think that of all events during the Summit that was the excellent opportunity for any company leader to represent an organization and attract top-notch talent.

For company leaders invited to speak to a large captive audience of your peers, potential investors and partners, and experienced attendees who may be looking for a job change, here’s some advice:

  • If you are the leader of an organization you are also part of its brand, and you are not only trying to sell something or have a service adopted, you are recruiting. You are also competing for talent and investment against every other leader an audience is presented.
  • You want your audience to be compelled to want to think they would want to work for you.
  • You want every person in the room to go home and think, “That’s someone I’d want to work with.”
  • If you meet someone on the elevator, and you have a chance to introduce yourself and speak about what you do, you want that person to walk away thinking, “That’s someone I’d want to work with.”
  • You want everyone to meet to leave the presentation and to go look up more information about your organization and your personal work experience.
  • You want everyone you meet to leave the encounter and sign into LinkedIn and ask to connect with you.

This advice applies whether you’re on a 50-minute panel, and three minutes to accept an award and present your achievements, or the 15 seconds it takes going from the lobby to the 20th floor. You do what you do because you love it, you have a vision for it, so share it with others in a way that will make them walk away and think, “That’s someone I’d want to work with.” Because as CEO, you are always recruiting.

New EVP Sales Search for Growing Software-powered Healthcare Insights Company

istock image, org chart drawing woman



Harnessing the Power of Real Time Market Research

InCrowd enables market researchers across the life sciences industry  to get physician insights faster, easier and more accurately with real time market research. The ability to get immediate answers from key target audiences gives the life sciences industry the opportunity to respond with confidence.

Through micro methodology, which is brief but impactful research, InCrowd is changing the healthcare research landscape.

InCrowd, Inc. achieves this via an online platform that provides life sciences companies with real time answers to product development questions from their target audiences. Its solutions include MicroEval that allows users to evaluate their target product perceived benefits and barriers, as well as provides the current market and product launch impact on the treatment landscape. The company also provides MicroTracker, a solution that allows users to track their brands performance against competitors with primary market indicators, such as unaided brand awareness, primary brand performance metrics, longitudinal brand tracking, and dominant brand descriptors. In addition, it offers MicroTest, a solution that provides preference ranking by determining the concepts, images, videos, and messages that are most appealing or most likely to influence prescribing behavior among the target audience, as well as provides key performance indicator ratings and open-ended impressions. The company’s platform provides feedback from physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, hospital administrators, psychologists, optometrists, pharmacists, and other licensed healthcare professionals. InCrowd, Inc. was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Products & Technology

InCrowd’s technology enables what they have termed Microsurveys— these are built as an integrated market research system that connects life science companies directly with prescribers, and other healthcare stakeholders, in real time using 2-5 minute microsurveys.

Microsurveys offer:

  • An easy self-service or professional service application with 11 question types
  • Access to a Crowd of national and international respondents that are targeted, verified and can answer from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Responses available in real time and delivered directly. Advanced reporting and analytics are available upon request.

MicroEval allows the marketer to evaluate the target product profile (TPP) using five questions with results in as little as 48 hours.

MicroTracker makes the tracking of a brand’s key performance metrics easy, intuitive yet delivering quick and deep insight in a pervasive fashion.

With MicroTest, test concepts, advertisements, or other stimuli before and throughout the product lifecycle.

The Position

Reporting to the CEO, the EVP Sales for InCrowd is responsible for playing the leadership role in the sales function of the company, planning and directing all aspects of the sales organization including sales strategy, new customer acquisition and existing key account management and growth.


This position serves as a key member of InCrowd’s Executive Team providing vision, strategy and direction to all functions regarding sales.  The EVP Sales will be accountable for overall sales organization performance, the profitable achievement of the sales organizations goals, aligning sales objectives with InCrowd’s business strategy, and developing a plan for a technology approach to selling. The EVP Sales must develop comprehensive product knowledge essential to this role and build confidence with customers by demonstrating a thorough understanding of InCrowd’s  business and overall market.

Extensive experience required in setting strategy and managing teams to develop go-to-market approaches, negotiating agreements and contracts with a goal of becoming a trusted advisor to the InCrowd customer base.

Direct reporting staff members include SVP Sales, Director of Sales Operations, and Inside Sales Manager.  In addition, there are several existing and to-be-hired individual sales executives responsible for direct sales into the enterprise.


Book Keeper (PT Remote)

Bookkeeper (PT Remote)

Part Time Bookkeeper with QuickBooks and Payroll experience wanted to help a growing, boutique professional services firm in Back Bay.  Need to be very organized, detail-oriented, and tech-savvy. Principal duties include maintenance of A/P, A/R, P/R, monthly close, G/L, etc. In addition, general HR benefit support, through web based applications is highly desired.  Hours and specific duties are flexible for the right candidate.

Must be proficient in the following areas:

  • Substantial knowledge and experience with QuickBooks Online
  • Familiarity with is a plus
  • AR/AP and commissions calculation responsibilities
  • Filing of registration in various states in which we do business
  • Payroll vendor management: healthcare and benefits administration withholding, etc. (401K and profit sharing)
  • Business dashboard management and updating via Excel spreadsheet and graphing
  • Cash management (moving between business account, money market, and credit line)
  • Prepare (bi-monthly) payroll and commission reports
  • Comply with relevant reporting requirements
  • Maintain filing system to support financial records
  • Interface with outside CPA


Associate’s Degree and/or Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Accounting, Finance or Business

3-5 years recent experience as a staff accountant or full-charge bookkeeper

Good Working Knowledge of: QuickBooks, MS Outlook, Word, Excel,

Highly organized and extremely detailed oriented

Great multi-tasker

Strong project management skills

Computer and tech-savvy

Self-starter with strong written and verbal communication skills

Ability to use good judgement and good decision-making abilities

Keeps calm under pressure and deadlines

This is a Part-Time, mostly remote position of approximately 20-25 hours a week.  1-2 visits to Back Bay office per month are ideal but not mandatory.  Please submit resume, cover letter and salary requirements by applying at:

Executive Search | Director, Strategy and Business Development| Infrastructure Management Solutions Company

Org Chart


Position: Director, Strategy and Business Development

Smart Solutions for Distributed Networks
Remote monitoring, access and control from anywhere anytime


The Company
Opengear ( is a profitable, double-digit annual growth technology provider that enables technical staff to provision, maintain and repair infrastructure from anywhere at any time, as if they were physically present, drastically reducing both operational costs and the risk of downtime.

Opengear solutions deliver true out-of-band management, always-available wired and wireless secure remote access, proactive monitoring and automated response capabilities.


Opengear designs, manufactures, and delivers remote infrastructure management solutions. It offers data center infrastructure management solutions, such as console server solutions that provide secure in-band and out-of-band access to manage data centers and colocation sites; manage serial, OG_customersUSB, and network console ports; monitor environment; control UPS systems and PDUs; and alert and auto respond. The company also provides remote site management solutions that allow users to monitor, access, and control various infrastructure, such as applications and computers at the local or remote site; networking equipment, security cameras, and power supplies; and down to door sensors, and temperature and digital I/O. In addition, it offers environmental monitoring and alerting solutions for managing changes in environmental conditions in computer rooms and remote sites; and central management solutions, including virtual and physical appliances to securely manage distributed infrastructure, and access locations without public IP. The company sells its products through its online stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and internationally; and distributors worldwide. Opengear, Inc. was founded in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia and has operations in Sandy, Utah, and sales offices in Slough, United Kingdom. Currently, R&D operations remain based primarily in Brisbane, Australia.

The Position

The Director, Strategy and Business Development will spearhead business development initiatives which identify market, technology and partnership opportunities in infrastructure management that match Opengear’s strengths, work internally with the executive, product and marketing teams to refine the company’s strategic direction, and translate this direction into growth actions that create long-term value.

Highlights of the new Director, Strategy and Business Development’s track record and experience will include the following:


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